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Prisma Analytics Gmbh is proud to be a developer in Edain Technologies, which is one of the most ambitious and revolutionary projects we have participated in so far. EAI License Keys are unitility tokens that are used to access our applications which are based on the C+8 Technology and give you access to the Knowledge Vault. These are part of a completely new, blockchain-based revamp of traditional payment and licensing methods that Edain has developed.

Smart solutions for decision makers
  • Decision Point 2.0

    Decision Point 2.0 is Prisma’s specialized tool for financial markets professionals hosted on Refinitiv’s Eikon platform.

  • QSearch

    QSearch is a tool to discover and explore causal relationships between entities in a highly complex network visualization and analysis environment using C+8 Technology

  • Prisma Indicators

    Prisma Indicators are a quantitative tool used to measure individual qualities over time

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All our applications and services are
based on the following fundamentals:

The C+8 Model

C+8 is a data-importation and transformation engine. It allows data to fully self-organize through a complex process of data atomization and systemic association with event causality. C+8 is able to simultaneously power thousands of centralized applications from high-powered analytics systems, to business services. It does so by parsing, associating, and porting every object captured in the Quantum Relations Machine and building its own smart databases.

The C+8 Data Objects

C+8 data objects are highly complex, evolving, relational knowledge elements that are captured and stored along with their complete associative histories. As each new instance of information enters the C+8 environment, new C+8 objects are created and existing C+8 data objects are updated, recording their new-found properties, locations, behaviours.

Artificial Intelligence

With each new instance of information, newly discovered connections based on Causation emerge between C+8 objects already recognized by the system. This creates a perpetually evolving, intricate web of understanding that can be broken down into simple parts and easily accessed through Decision Point Indicators.

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