Evidence based decision making

Prisma Analytics builds smart products for decision makers.

Prisma Analytics combines big data analysis, artificial intelligence and human expertise to create products that are tailored to closely fit the growing demands of high-level decision makers.

Our flagship product Decision Point is an interactive environment that delivers real-time intelligence and predictive analysis in a radically new way. The mission of Prisma Analytics is to solve the problems of decision makers across a wide range of domains, to give them just the right tools to act strategically and harness opportunities.

Prisma Analytics builds smart products for decision makers

Decision point explained

Imagine decisions could be as
rational as a mathematical equation

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decision point for the eikon™ platform

A solution for high-level
decision makers

Decision Point helps to solve the information, interpretation and decision problems of governments, global organizations, NGOs and private enterprises. It helps users to understand complex information, events and trends in a concise, transparent and actionable way.

Decision Point provides real-time qualitative and quantitative insights, tailored to the specific needs of the user. It‘s built to reduce information overload and decision paralysis. The purely evidence based and highly transparent approach serves as much needed antidote to the spread of fake news and political propaganda. Users can now understand complex issues that arise from global, domain-transcending developments easily, reliably and in real-time. The result: Quicker and more reliable decisions, better risk-management and new opportunities.

Decision point categories

geo-politics and
Connecting major influences andidentifying trends in a specific area of interest and within its proper context.
social trends
and conflicts
Monitoring and predicting emerging social trends and movements - large and small. Evaluating the significance and dynamics of social values, trends and movements.
Evaluating the impact of financial, political and social developments for investors. Mitigate risks, verify strategies and discover opportunities.
global security
Tracking threats and their local-to-global impact across domains and continents. The assessment is purely evidence based and neutral in regard to any particular political or economic agenda.
Here we combine all domain specific research and analysis into high-level indicators for sustainable change management.
legal and
Tracking the change of laws and regulations around the globe to uncover their present and future impact. A global view of the sometimes drastic influence of laws and regulations on societies, politics and economics.
Deep predictive analysis of disruptive technologies, filterable by specific areas of interest, presenting the anticipated effects on markets, society and business.
global risks
Monitoring the probability of threats to global security, such as humanitarian crises, natural catastrophes or the collapse of states and markets. Mitigate risks or avoid them altogether.
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types of decision point reports

Converting complexity
into action

If you could peek under the hood of Decision Point, you would see a vast network of interconnected artificial intelligence machinery that produces Decision Point Objects (DPOs). They are fundamental abstract information structure and basic content of all reports.

They come in two flavors: Evidence and consequence objects. These DPOs are subsequently applied within a frame of problem reference, generating a specific problem solution of particular problem type. But, as a user of Decision Point you‘ll notice nothing of these internal workings. You simply get what you need as a human decision maker.

Warnings are emerging situations and threats which require attention and preparation to avoid negative impacts.
Forecasts provide trends and specific predictions based on machine calculated probabilities and AI aided expert projections for the short, medium or long term.
Trends are long-term systemic changes and developments which have a profound impact on business and society.
Opportunities reveal specific arbitrages giving financial, economic, political, social, legal or otherwise strategic advantages.
Prisma Analytics - the structure of decision point reports

the structure of decision point reports

All you need
at a glance

The Decision Point dashboard gives you all the information you need
at a glance. Every Decision Point Report has the same basic structure.
A structure derived from extensive user research of the demands and
practices of high-level decision makers.

The Headline

Description of warnings, forecasts, opportunities and trends

the decision point
Core Statement

What is the actionable information?

The supporting facts

List of evidences, which
produced this analysis

The context
Analysis/ Context

Analysis and context supporting the Decision Point Report

the target
For whom?

Who needs to know this event/
change/ discovery and why?

expected changes and risks

What are the consequences?

illustration of the facts

Relevant graphs, maps,
tables, videos.

raw data references

Data and sources used in support of the Decision Point Report.

Prisma Analytics - The situation room

the situation room

The whole world
in one room

The Situation Room pushes the abilities of a team of decision makers to an entirely new level. Based on a scaled-up version of Decision Point and innovative Display Architecture, it‘s possible to monitor and analyse a vaste array of concurrent situations simultaneously – and as a team.

Participants are immersed in a universe where everything they need to know is at their fingertips, delivering a depth and breadth of information that matches the capabilities of so-called war rooms of national defense departments.

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