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Prisma Analytics combines big data analysis and artificial intelligence to create products that are tailored to closely fit the growing demands of high-level decision makers.

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We strive to create a product that significantly enhances our ability to make good decisions in an increasingly complex world.

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Thriving in Complexity

Our innovative quantum-based technology is modeled after the human brain and uses data complexity, knowledge, and interaction to always develop its wisdom and understanding of the ever-changing world.

Accelerated Learning

The Quantum Relations Machine learns from every instance and causality, thus becoming exponentially more intelligent due to the thousands of continuous data streams it is capturing and self-organizing, together with the interactions that humans have with the system.


The Quantum Relations Machine is, and will always remain free from operator bias. By automating the process of finding, selecting, validating, and processing data, we ensure that human bias is completely eliminated.

Fully Generalized

Our technology allows for full generalization of unstructured data. Every element existent in the world is processed in exactly the same way by our proprietary C+8 technology, which makes it possible to utilize, assemble, compare, and understand seemingly incongruent sides of the story, in a dynamic and reality-modeled environment that perpetually self-learns.


Prisma Analytics has broken the data-generalization barrier. This is the catalyst that allows us to finally visualize and understand our world in all of its four dimensions (4D), using the innovative approach of finding causality between data objects rather than mere correlations. It is also the catalyst that allows us to value data in a standardized system.


The Quantum Relations Machine is designed to have unbreakable security by encrypting each of the data objects with its own, unique IPv6 address and an unidirectional process flow.

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Making Decision Point possible.
Financial Platform Refinitiv.

Through our partnership with Refinitiv and especially the inclusion of our applications in its platform, our products are available to everyone anywhere.

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The speed at which information grows and becomes more complex every day, makes it increasingly hard to make the right decision. To address this problem, we at Prisma Analytics developed an intelligent information environment for decision makers.

The fundamentals all our
applications are based on.


C+8 is a data-importation and transformation engine. It allows data to fully self-organize through a complex process of data atomization and systemic association with event causality. C+8 is able to simultaneously power thousands of centralized applications from high-powered analytics systems, to business services. It does so by parsing, associating, and porting every object captured in the Quantum Relations Machine™ and building its own smart databases.

Smart Data Objects

C+8 data objects are highly complex, evolving, relational knowledge elements that are captured and stored along with their complete associative histories. As each new instance of information enters the C+8 environment, new C+8 objects are created and existing C+8 data objects are updated, recording their new-found properties, locations, behaviors.

Artificial Intelligence

With each new instance of information, newly discovered connections based on Causation emerge between C+8 objects already recognized by the system. This creates a perpetually evolving, intricate web of understanding that can be broken down into simple parts and easily accessed through Decision Point Indicators.

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