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Nominated for “Fintech Global Start Up of the Year”

By Prisma Analyst

Dubai, UAE – October 8, 2018 / Press Release / Prisma Analytics GmbH is pleased to announce their nomination as FinX’s “Fintech Global Start Up of the Year,” for its C+8 Technology™ and as extended by Fintech Galaxy.


This nomination is a big win for Prisma Analytics and its Chief Inventor Hardy Schloer, as it is the culmination of an intensive, three-year development run that has led to Schloer’s delivery of his Quantum Relations Machine as a first successfully functioning attempt to implement the collective thinking-process of millions of “human brains” inside a digital machine environment, which he coined the C+8 Technology™.


C+8 is a data-importation and transformation engine that allows data to fully self-organize through a complex process of data atomization and systemic association with event causality. Parsing, associating and porting of every single data object captured in Schloer’s Quantum Relations Machine™ (QRM) builds the central database and foundation technology where C+8 will power 1000s of centralized applications, all simultaneously, ranging from high-powered analytics systems to business services, online consumer software, and games. All processes take place with zero human interference, ensuring that there is no human bias in C+8’s data interpretation and analytics results. As proof of these claims, Prisma releases at the same time its powerful premier analytics application called Decision Point™ which is hosted on the global Refinitiv Eikon Platform (currently still known as Thomson Reuters Eikon).


Prisma’s technology was made aware to Fintech Galaxy’s CEO, Ms. Mirna Sleiman, by Prisma’s Global Director of Sales, Mike Pasic, wherein she submitted the tech to Fintech Galaxy’s twelve-member board of judges. Shortly thereafter, Prisma was nominated for its strong disruptive potential in the financial industry, given its ability to analyse various probabilities in future events.


The FinX awards will be hosted by Fintech Galaxy in Dubai on October 31, 2018 where Prisma Analytics will be present together with all other nominees for the roster of awards to be presented on the day.


When asked for his response to the nomination, Mr. Schloer said, “the results of our hard work is finally servicing in useful applications, and Fintech’s nomination is more validation of our efforts. Although we know what we have, it’s important that others do, too. We’re looking forward to the FinX Awards at the end of this month and further, our future entering the global marketplace beginning November of this year, eventually with many applications, all powered by our centralized C+8 Data transformation technology.”


For its part, Fintech Galaxy is the MENA region’s only digital crowdsourcing platform whose mission is to build a virtual community that connects institutions with unrivalled brainpowers, while supporting the fintech ecosystem through mentoring, information, training and advisory services.


For more information about Prisma Analytics GmbH, or the company’s C+8 Technology™, please contact