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Prisma Analytics GmbH is the MENA FinTech Start-Up of the Year

By Chris Edwards

Dubai, UAE – November 1, 2018. Prisma Analytics GmbH is excited to announce its FinX “MENA FinTech Start-up of the Year” award, as named by Fintech Galaxy – the MENA region’s only fintech digital crowdsourcing platform. The announcement was made at the awards ceremony in Dubai yesterday, 31 October, 2018.


FinTech Galaxy’s judges, a board of twelve financial technology industry experts, viewed Prisma’s C+8 Technology™ for its disruptive potential in the financial industry, given its ability to analyse various probabilities in future events.


C+8 is a data-importation and transformation engine that allows data to fully self-organize through a complex process of data atomization and systemic association with event causality. Parsing, associating and porting of every single data object captured in Schloer’s Quantum Relations Machine™ (QRM) builds the central database and foundation technology where C+8 will power 1000s of centralized applications, all simultaneously, ranging from high-powered analytics systems to business services, online consumer software, and games. All processes take place with zero human interference, ensuring that there is no human bias in C+8’s data interpretation and analytics results.


At the same time and as proof of these claims, Prisma is releasing its powerful premier analytics application called Decision PointTM which is hosted on the global Refinitiv Eikon Platform (currently still known as Thomson Reuters Eikon). Decision Point ™ is a sophisticated dashboard that allows users to access to the C+8 data engine, whereby user queries are made against its centralized database of optimized data with considerable insights into future probable outcomes.


Prisma’s Founder, COO and C+8 inventor, Hardy F. Schloer, said, “this FinX award is incredible and begins to validate what we have accomplished with our efforts these past few years. I’d really like to thank FinTech Galaxy for their commitment in support of fintech innovation in the MENA region.” As for Prisma’s C+8 Technology™ and its implications to the broader global marketplace, Mr. Schloer

commented that, “if we position our technology properly, C+8 will change the course of human evolution as we have removed the barriers associated with unstructured data and the valueless data oceans that exist, but that once solved will add immeasurable value to the global economy and exponential advances in human knowledge expansion.”


For FinTech Galaxy’s part, CEO Mirna Sleiman stated that, “We welcome Prisma and its remarkable technology to the MENA region. Their acknowledgement from our panel of judges is well deserved, despite other excellent products with various innovations that were nominated for the award. We’re so pleased to see fintech making such considerable gains in the MENA region and we’re here to support financial inclusion and the growth of our region’s economic development.”


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