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Sales Launch Report of Prisma Analytics’ Decision Point

By Prisma Analytics

The first product ‘Decision Point’ of Prisma Analytics went live at 27.10.2019 at 11.59 pm in the salable version 1.0.


Decision Point is now available on the Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) EIKON platform. EIKON is used by more than a hundred thousand customers. From day one, this gives us access to an enormously large customer base.


Decision Point is an application for the financial industry, which enables a more comprehensive and realistic analysis of companies and stock market prices than ever before. Decision Point is the first application that is based on the paradigm changing C+8 data model. The C+8 data model is an artificial brain which collects and structures information from more than 42,000 sources published in English and compiles it into a synthetic image of our real world. Due to the great amount of structured information and the resulting causalities, the Decision Point application makes it possible to gain comprehensive analyses and in-depth knowledge about company-specific market opinions as well as stock market prices.


In the coming weeks we will launch a global marketing and sales campaign, together with Refinitiv. In addition, it is planned that Decision Point will be continuously expanded with additional, high-class functions in order to successively expand the customer base.


Based on the following arguments, we look to a promising future:


  • We have developed a superior product which we can now offer to the market.
  • We have invested in state-of-the-art hardware and data centers to guarantee the highest performance.
  • With Refinitiv as our partner, we have access to a large, qualified and financially strong customer base.


If we have peaked your interest in Decision Point, we look forward to receiving your contact request.