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Prisma Analytics releases Covid-19 dashboard

By Prisma Analytics

Prisma Analytics releases open access Covid-19 dashboard – A state of the Art computational linguistics analysis of collective moods from over 2 billion news items related to the “Corona Visus”.


Prisma Analytics’ Covid-19 dashboard offers social psychology researchers, linguists, market analysts, students in communication sciences, media experts, among others, access to the technological breakthrough in content and discourse analysis around the Corona crisis.


Prisma Analytics’ AI-solution continually processes Big Data of all types, and from more than 120.000 sources -including more than 2 billion news articles- into a fully generalized, unsupervised self-organizing data model, which maps a living copy of the real world. The company built its technology on the principle that language is the DNA of social moods and the way it is used has a causal role in collective attitudes and group emotional dynamics.


Since the Covid-19 crisis is not only a health crisis but rather a systemic crisis, the Covid-19 dashboard primarily reflects the emotional moods developed in this critical context.


Generally, in the business of sentiment analysis, the main focus in critical situations and events is on negative emotions and how a negative state of society affects market indices. Prisma Analytics takes this approach much further, with the development of the circumplex. This tool observes and extracts a diversity of collective emotions and works in a circular logic, illustrating how emotional experiences and discourses flow from one another and nurture each other.


The data summarizes social energies – a Prisma Analytics linguistic index of collective moods in big text data – in measurements for the last 24 hours of pessimism and optimism trends, media attention, levels of distress, excitement, depression, and escalation in news discourses.  The linguistic data is contextualized with confirmed cases by geographical distribution and daily reports from the WHO.


An innovative observation, now accessible on the Prisma Analytics Covid-19 dashboard, is that fear and anxiety are not the leading collective moods in the coronavirus experience. What drives action and decision in this global challenge are collective moods such as distress and escalation, hope, feelings of power and their variations, and often times even inaction, passivity.


Dashboard with “Circumplex of Social Energies”


Based on this initial observation, Prisma Analytics has developed the optimism/pessimism index, that observes which of these two driving moods are predominant during the last 24 hours of coronavirus media related content. In addition, a ticker measures how pessimistic the media narratives are about topics, which are directly related to the management and containment of the spread of coronavirus.


A collection of gauges measures the levels of inhibition, depression, distress, and excitement, in a increasing arrangement from passive to agitated. These four gauges need to be compared to one another, to observe which mood was predominant in the last 24 hours.


Furthermore, the dashboard presents descriptives, such as worldwide confirmed cases by geographical distribution, daily updates on cases, updated every 10 minutes from the WHO, as well as a media attention indicator, which shows the volume of corona-related news.


The tool is complemented by a collection of use cases, which are using the technology of Prisma Analytics to illuminate the effects of corona-indexed phenomena.


Free access to the Covid-19 Dashboard:


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