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C+8 will change the course of human evolution as we have
removed the barriers associated with unstructured data and
the valueless data oceans that exist. This can add immeasurable
value to the global economy and exponential advances in
human knowledge expansion.

Hardy F. Schloer CTO & Founder

The mission of Prisma Analytics is to leverage
artificial intelligence and big data to provide
the standard for unbiased, reality-driven

We are creating tommorow, today

Our vision

The World's First
Quantum Brain

Providing an innovation hub and incubator for creative interdisciplinary teams to come together and develop solutions for sustainability, security, and the environment, by making use of the world's first quantum brain.

Knowledge as a Utility

We view knowledge as the only commodity able to become a sustainable medium of exchange. Our system's scalability and generalized nature, finally make it achievable

Empowering AI

Our technology makes each Data Object able to move, evolve, act and react in conjunction with other data objects, thus enabling them to self-organize. This brings unprecedented scalability and levels of security.

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