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Prisma Analytics delivers supreme real-time
decision support tools through the award-winning
power of safe C+8 data intelligence

Corporates and governments face the unavoidable
need to adopt efficient, flexible, responsive, and
successful systems that aid in an ever increasingly
fast-paced decision-making environment.

We enable these features
Coherent and centralized real-time
open-source intelligence
Fully secure integration of open-source
intelligent data with
proprietary client data, strictly
with per-user-permit access
Data and analysis become an
interconnected information
ecology across all branches of an
administration, building a common
interconnected organizational
knowledge environment
Detect and filter "fake news"
and "fake facts"
Proactive analytics services for
crisis management
Real-time analytics integration
throughout the entire process of
decision-making, based on best practice; fully enabled by big data
and safe C+8 AI
Zero human-bias (in data and
information analysis)

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