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Traditional AI-solutions work in a binary world, where programs analyze data, which is usually stored in databases. The bigger the amount of data, the bigger the calculative performance needed.


Prisma Analytics‘ Decision Point is a deep research application featuring smart research tools that effectively replace the costly process of analyzing big, unstructured data and therefore offers a new quality of predictive analytics.

Quantum Relations Machine

The Unique Extraction and Interpretation of Big Data

The engine behind our groundbreaking analytics application is the Quantum Relations Machine (QRM), which continually processes Big Data of all types and from any source, into a fully generalized, unsupervised self-organizing data model. By doing so, it maps a living copy of the real world and its history into a 45-dimensional knowledge network.

C+8 Technology

Changing the way we analyze Data

The Quantum Relations Machine is based upon our patented C+8 Data Model: thousands of terabytes of information are parsed and instantaneously stored every month through Prisma‘s proprietary and continuously evolving C+8 Data Network, discretely interconnecting prime objects, which all associate through the common connection of quantifiable Elements of Causations.

Artificial Intelligence

Based on the Functions of the Human Brain

Just like the human brain, Prisma‘s Artificial Intelligence does not distinguish between databases and analytical programs. It rather uses intelligent data, which is unraveled and stored in billions of „neurons“. So, the AI provides answers, learns, calculates, changes and thinks, just like a brain would.

Market Energy

A Fundamental Feature you'll never want to miss

Decision Point processes market opinions from over 33,000 sources. Clustered in 14 Energy Segments, Market Energy is displayed in the Business Momentum Circumplex, the key element of Decision Point. Designed specifically to portray the results of deep linguistic analysis and Market Energy mood.

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