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Introducing Decision Point
Financial Market Intelligence at your fingertips

A powerful investigative tool for Financial Market Researchers – Analysts – Strategists and Decision Makers.


Engineered to provide the information edge, Decision Point delivers real time Market Intelligence captured in big data information flows.



Decision Point in a Nutshell

Performance & Forecast

Decision Point delivers unique data streams that anticipate performance and forecast price behaviors. The application eliminates the costly, persistent, slow, labor-intensive processes associated with synthesizing large volumes of unstructured news and commentary.

Market Energy is Market Intelligence

Market Energy is the result of deep linguistic analysis of big data information streams, converting public opinion into qualitative and quantitative numerical coordinates. When plotted across the Business Momentum Circumplex, Market Energy coordinates convey rich nuances of sentiment that inform well beyond positive and negative attributes. When downloaded into Excel, Market Energy unfolds into timeseries that can be built into proprietary research and analysis models.

Market Performance & Behaviors

Market Energy tools track the cyclical evolution of public discourse with statistical metrics and deep linguistic qualifiers that measure the impact exerted on Market Performance, Price Behaviors and other outcomes.

How Public Discourse affects Industry

Market Energy viewed across competitors illustrates how public discourse is affecting industry niches and revealing how companies cope differently to their shared sector shifts.

Linguistic Energies Panel

The Linguistic Energies Panel invites users to consult the underlying articles to discover the Trends, Topics, Events, and People that have contributed to Market Energy so their impact may be tracked across Companies, Sectors and Indexes.

The Business Circumplex

A Fundamental Feature you'll never want to miss

Decision Point’s Business Momentum Circumplex is a visual schematic designed to display the results of deep linguistic analysis across 14 Energy Layers or Segments. Circumplex segments are organized across angles and radiuses of a geometric circle, each representing a specific Market Energy Mood.

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