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Traditional AI-solutions work in a binary world, where programs analyze data, which is usually stored in databases. The bigger the amount of data, the bigger the calculative performance needed.


Prisma Analytics‘ Decision Point is a deep research application featuring smart research tools that effectively replace the costly process of analyzing big, unstructured data and therefore offers a new quality of predictive analytics.

Decision Point in a Nutshell

Multi-Dimensional Derivations of Market Opinions

Stock prices are determined by market opinions. Conventional models consist of economic data +X. Decision Point on the
other hand has a holistic model, that includes all types of information, including social trends. That enables Decision Point
models to generate multi-dimensional derivations of market opinions and thus of stock prices. Consequently Decision Point
offers its users the ability to achieve a holistic and comprehensive understanding of markets for the first time ever.

For the Financial Services Industry

Analyzing Prices & Stock Movements

Decision Point is an application for the Financial Services industry that helps to analyze price movements and the future success of companies. It is more comprehensive and more realistic than anything before it. This is the first application that
is based on the paradigm changing C+8 Data Model. The C+8 Data Model is an artificial brain, which collects, understands
and structures 95% of all relevant English language data available worldwide, and compiles it into a synthetic image of our real world. This synthetic picture distinguishes by a perpetually growing number of logical (connections of) data points associated by causalities. This comprehensive width of structured information and causalities allows Decision Point a holistic analysis of stock prices.

Market Energy

Market opinions from over 40,000 Sources

Decision Point processes market opinions from over 40,000 sources. These are clustered in 14 categories which are accumulated named as market energy. The accumulated Market Energy generate a precise model of the market. This picture of the market will be reflected by buyer behavior at the stock exchanges or the OTC markets. Because of this, the model that Decision Point uses has a huge advantage in predicting stock prices in comparison to traditional models

The Business Circumplex

A Fundamental Feature you'll never want to miss

Decision Point’s Business Momentum Circumplex is a visual schematic designed to display the results of deep linguistic analysis across 14 Energy Layers or Segments. Circumplex segments are organized across angles and radiuses of a geometric circle, each representing a specific Market Energy Mood.

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