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Get to know Decision Point

Prisma Analytics’ Decision Point is a deep research application featuring smart research tools that effectively replace the costly process of analyzing big, unstructured data.


Decision Point offers timely and actionable insights that empower evidence-based decision-making, seizing opportunities and finding trends based on our Quantum Relations Machine analysis of Big Data.

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Core Features that make
Decision Point unique.

Decision Point Indicators

Decision Point Indicators (DPIs) are specifically engineered time-series that convert the QRM’s constant flow of unstructured data-processing into quantifiable datasets.

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    DPIs provide a new dimension of evidence, based on measures of Causation. By removing the uncertainty of correlation based analysis, they ensure greater confidence across a spectrum of decision-making processes from economic modelling to policy making.

Forensic Environments

The Forensic Environment reproduces real world settings and conditions enabling the simulation of specific factors within that particular context.

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    Multi-dimensional queries can be executed with precision, making it invaluable for in-depth analysis of current and upcoming challenges. Users can expect to gain confidence in knowing how their product, policy or investment decision will evolve in the real world.

Geo/Event Analysis

The Geo/Event Analysis tool provides a visual geographic representation of the number of causation elements pertaining to a given subject over a specified time period.

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    The tool is specifically designed to assist a multilateral spatial analysis on a global and regional level, providing a global understanding of the factors involved and thus revealing connections and patterns that may have otherwise remained elusive to the decision maker.

Momentum Circumplex

The Momentum Circumplex utilises the C+8 Data Model, in conjunction with five classifications of causality, to conceptualize, organize and assess societal mental states.

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    It enables an accurate visualisation of social mood and social energy, of the emotion and activity of a society. Through it, users gain substantial insight into the public discourse, perception, and trajectory of current events. The focus on causation removes the uncertainty associated with traditional linguistic analysis. Removing background noise and understanding historic patterns of data means users can actively quantify the volatility of society to inform smart decision making. The Momentum Circumplex gives a confident understanding of how a product, policy, investment, or technological development will be received and responded to by society.

Extract and Summarize

This tool enables users to select and search any information filtered through the C+8 Data Model, unrestricted by any form or domain.

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    It presents a list of all relevant articles and supporting data, summarized and instantly displayed in orderly fashion, allowing for the seamless and rapid digestion of knowledge. Best suited to investigative research, Extract and Summarize enables a decision maker to define pertinent search parameters that provides prompt and insightful information directly related to their unique challenge.

My DPI View

My DPI View provides a home for the most relevant content for each user, creating a basket of saved, readily accessible DPIs. Its design facilitates tailored research by enabling the gathering and creation of knowledge.

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    My DPI View builds on the foundation of the preloaded DPIs by introducing customizable searches. It allows the user to easily tailor searches to address their decision making challenges. Retaining the evidence based measures of Causation derived from the C+8 Data Model and QRM, custom DPIs provide decision makers with the tools to remove uncertainty from their processes and gain actionable insight.

Text to Circumplex

The Text to Circumplex utilises the same underlying technology as the Momentum Circumplex to evaluate any body of text providing a quantified analysis of its underlying meaning. It is a unique linguistic analysis tool which at its core, is a source of knowledge about the current and potential dynamics of the world.

Decision Point has got
a whole lot going for it.

Intuitive & Customizable

Decision Point is as intuitive for business executives as it is for quantitative analysts.


We always add new visualizations to better illustrate the knowledge results.

Made for People

We believe simplicity is the key to complexity so we don’t obstruct our insight under specialized language.

Converting complexity
into action - the easy way.

Intuitive & Customizable.

Decision Point is as intuitive for business executives as it is for quantitative analysts.


We always add new visualizations to better illustrate the knowledge results.

Made for people.

We believe simplicity is the key to complexity so we don’t obstruct our insight under specialized language.

Perfectly structured, so all you need is at one single glance.

The Decision Point dashboard gives you all the information you need at one single glance. Every Decision Point Report has the same basic structure. A structure derived from extensive user research of the demands and practices of high-level decision makers.

We try to make things simple.
Introducing Smart Categories.

Geopolitics and

Connecting major influences and identifying trends in a specific area of interest and within its proper context.

Social Trends
and Conflicts

Monitoring and predicting emerging social trends and movements - large and small. Evaluating the significance and dynamics of social values, trends and movements.


Evaluating the impact of financial, political and social developments for investors. Mitigate risks, verify strategies and discover opportunities.


Tracking threats and their local-to-global impact across domains and continents. The assessment is purely evidence based and neutral in regard to any particular political or economic agenda.

Legal and

Tracking the change of laws and regulations around the globe to uncover their present and future impact. A global view of the sometimes drastic influence of laws and regulations on societies, politics and economics.