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The Strategic Planning Center
Your Command Control
Center for Analytics

Prisma Analytics delivers supreme Real-Time Decision Support Tools through the Award-Winning Power of Safe C+8 Data Intelligence.


With Strategic Planning Center and Situation Room, Prisma offers an empty, fast and secure C+8 structure that the customer can fill with their own data.

Based on our very own C+8 Model

Experience your Data in our Framework

We offer an empty C+8 structure that you can fill with your own data so that it remains completely secure - no one else has access to this particular structure and it cannot be modified in any way. However, you choose the data you want to input.

Perks of the SPC

Fast, Secure and fully Autonomous

Our Strategic Planning Center offers a work environment containing leading predictive and competitive real-time knowledge, enforces unprecedented organizational security, uses high analytics speed for all integrated information and can accurately differentiate between fact and fiction. All with no human-bias in data and information analysis.

Created with your needs in mind

Your very own Strategic Planning Center

Your Strategic Planning Center and Situation Room features real-time information visualizations on over 110 sqm of high-resolution wall monitors, a center table with fully integrated fiber network and workstations, a workplace for information scientists, a workplace for data visualization technicians as well as a briefing and presentation area.

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