Decision Point 2.0

Decision Point 2.0 is Prisma’s specialized
tool for financial markets professionals hosted
on Refinitiv’s Eikon platform. As is the case with all
Prisma’s tools, it delivers results through the
Award-Winning Power of C+8 Technology.

About application

Decision Point 2.0 uses C+8 Technology not only to provide company- and index-related time series, correlation matrices, and price predictions, but also to allow users to build their own C+8 Knowledge Objects.

Consisting of three tabs – Company, C+8, and Index – users can combine any element from all three in a single workspace, offering a complex, multi-dimensional view and analysis.


Users can see a company’s or index’s news media presence evolution through Prisma’s causation-extraction process, its stock price history, Prisma’s daily price predictions and prediction history.

Furthermore, it is possible to build a C+8 Knowledge object using any element.

Ready to revolutionize the
you make decisions?