Social Circumplex

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The Social Circumplex is a cutting-edge tool
that goes above and beyond anything that
has been achieved so far by bringing the
multiple dimensions of social energy
present in discourse out into plain view.

About application

The Social Circumplex (also called the Social Energy Circumplex) is a complex tool aimed at assessing and processing social energies (emotions, moods, affects, and attitudes) in text.

It harvests the complexity and simplicity of collective information by looking at the composition of the states of feeling and behavior.

It captures the fine dynamic of action and reaction in social energies by inquiring about atomistic elements that build social and societal fabric: abstract concepts, time references, persons, events, physical objects, groups and organizations, science and technology, and geography – the C+8 objects.


This tool uses a proprietary method in which linguistic elements that have emotional or affective weight are identified in the news articles resulting from a user’s query and plotted on the circumplex.

The resulting social energies can be spread out in any way, shape, or form across the 14 energy layers present on the circumplex.

An additional tool that comes as a package with the Social Circumplex is Prisma’s set of thermometers. Inspired by the thermometer used in social psychology to measure the intensity of a person’s or a group’s experience, we have built 4 thermometers that contextualize the information provided by the circumplex, illustrating time orientation, tone, energy level, and realism level in news stories.

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