Strategic Planning Center
for Corporates and

With Strategic Planning Center we offer an empty, fast
and secure C+8 structure that is fully customizable and
can be filled with data from governments, institutions
and big corporations.

Situation Room Animation

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The layout of Situation Room


1Realtime information Visualizations displayed over 110 sqm. of
high-resolution stadium wall monitors, fully segmental for display
cells as small as 20 inches in diameter.

3Workplace for two information Scientists, connected directly to
the C+8 Data Center to define, request and compose any type of
real-time information visualization, statistic or graph for display, to
either monitor walls, the presentation area, the center of the
analyst table or the analyst workstations. Analysts can directly
instruct the information scientist to create a new visualization, or
select from and extensive reservoir of predefined elements.

5Presentation and Briefing Area for intelligence and strategy
presentations and meetings (can be separated from rest of Situation Room by
automated folding wall within 2 minutes, for the additional security.
Presentation area is shielded and secure).

2Center Table with fully integrated fiber network and
workstations for (up to) 20 analysts with fully integrated liquid-crystal
Command Control Center dashboard, to visualize, share and
integrate real-time changing information between analysts.

4Workplace for Data Visualization Technician, places the right
content on the right monitor segment in accordance to
instructions from the analysts.

6Break Area for Strategic Planning Center personnel.

C+8 System Integration on
Corporate and Government Levels

Dynamic Sandbox of
the Real World

In order to build a dynamic electronic sandbox of the world, we replicate the processes of the human brain, beacause it is the most efficient way to contextualize large amounts of information, and it is native to our own way of thinking and understanding. At its core, the principal activity of the human brain - and the source of its intelligence - is its ability to detect patterns. The tools our brain uses are neurons and receptors through which sensations are captured and stored - the brain can only perceive things through sense (touch, smell, taste, sight, sound).

Within the context of C+8, a sandbox is a testing environment that provides a digital real-world copy inside a computational environment to explore the real world together with tests of new ideas and outright experimentation from the real-world environment or C+8 data in the context of strategy development, including implementation development and revision control.

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